Barana. A pioneer in the manufacturing of industrial brushes in Brazil.

On December 18, 1898, Giovanni Barana arrived at the port of Santos, São Paulo, with his baggage filled with dreams of work and wealth in a new country. He left behind his youth in San Bonifacio, Verona province, Italy. Ahead of him lay the challenge of building a better life for his entire family.

A challenge that began to be overcome in 1908 with the founding of his own industry: IRMÃOS BARANA, in the city of São Paulo. With a keen entrepreneurial vision, he directed his activities towards the production of brooms, painting supplies, barber supplies, and mechanical brushes, standing out as the only company in the industry with automatic manufacturing in all of Brazil.

In the 1930s, the interior of the state of São Paulo showed clear signs of its growth potential. When Mr. Domênico Antonio Barana took over the company in 1936, he relocated the industry to the city of Rio Claro, where it remained until 1964.

During this time, with the country’s increasing industrialization, Barana moved its headquarters to Limeira and diversified its product line.

In response to the requests of citrus farmers in the region, the company launched its first equipment: a bench with cylindrical brushes driven by a chain and motor to polish oranges and improve their appearance for sale. Under the leadership of Mr. José Barana, the company expanded its operations and achieved its current position as a leading manufacturer of brushes and machines for the processing of citrus products, fruits, and vegetables. Today, located on a 12,500 square meter area along Via Anhanguera, Indústria e Comércio Barana Ltda. enjoys the trust of customers across Brazil. All of this is supported by the achievement of ISO-9000 certification. Proudly, Barana reaffirms every day the ideal of a man who believed in hard work to turn his own name into a mark of tradition and quality.

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